This is my Camino. Welcome.

16. The Lenten desert

I enter Lent cautiously, tentatively.
I want to be bravely holy and ambitious, but, I also know that 40 winter days stretch long into the future.

“Lent is supposed to be like a desert,” the priest said, at Ash Wednesday mass–where we’re stripped of comfort and utterly reliant on God.

I have traveled before. I know what it is to live from a suitcase, taking only enough shirts for (1) today, (2) tomorrow, and (3) an extra in case it unexpectedly rains at night, and the one I wash right before dinner doesn’t have time to dry.

Days on end, piled with unknowns. And yet, in the unknown, God can provide. And He always does.

And so, I’ve been thinking about all these things,
And the best way
To make Lent
A desert.


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