This is my Camino. Welcome.

Hey blog. BACK FOR MOAR.

I went impromptu hiking with Paul and select sibs. And I forgot my phone AND camera both at home. This is what I have left, a blurry phone-photo compliments de Pablo.

Hello, world.

Have you ever stopped exercising for, like, a week, and then, when you go back, everything is weird and hard and you’re sore again because your body is like, “wut?” even though the stuff you did used to be super standard?

Because that just happened to me last Friday. At the circus gym. Even though I had been doing circus stuff for weeks and weeks beforehand. My feet are bruised anew. My shoulders are sore again.

PLUS there was this guy at the gym who knew ALL THE THINGS and he was swinging about like the strongest athlete of all, and I was like, “Do not make a fool of thyself, N,” so I didn’t even attempt anything too hard. Full disclosure.

(He was nice, though. He played some acrobatics with me, at the end of the night. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER.)


That’s how I feel about the blahg, on some level. I have a bunch o’ pics on my camera. But, I’m like, “How do go about writing, again?”

Post-every-play-ever, there is always a bit of a slump, I think.

So, yeah. That’s where I am. But, I’m back now, too. I want to try to post something every day this week. You deserve it. You really do.

Today I renew my consecration to Mary. The best. Love it.

Things we can talk about this week:
1. Detroit and things I love (standard, I know)
2. Embarrassing things I have done in my life (because people love this kind of dirt, right?!?!)
4. I don’t know. I forgot how to write, remember?
5. You can tell me what you’d like to write, and I’ll write about it. This is my solemn vow. If you comment on it, I will write about it. WHATEVER HAPPENS HAPPENS.
6. I thought about writing an email to Father Ryan today and being like, “Do you know what we should start? A podcast where people ask us relationship questions it would be hilarious WE’RE BOTH SINGLE.”
7. I didn’t do that, because I decided to establish a kind standard where I don’t bug him about things that aren’t all that important.
8. But really, though, his relationship advice is one I use a lot. Or, my friends use it. That’s right, my friends. Cough.
9. Bedtime
10. I’ll love you forever.
11. Good night.

3 thoughts on “Hey blog. BACK FOR MOAR.

  1. FYI: I have seen and feed and pet the horn of the majestic highland cow. I have pictures if needed. Let me know.

    Now, for some brainstorming blog ideas…

    I would love to have a blog with all the relationship advice you and Father Ryan would put in a single podcast…you know…since all your friends seem to need all the advice all the time…

    Maybe some new recipes? Your mission should you choose to accept it: no gluten AND no dairy and delicious. You got this.

    Maybe tell us again about how much you love summer…since the late summer bugs are singing and the evenings are getting shorter. Savor and revel in what you have left of your favorite season!

    Tell us about a social issue of our time and ponder the why behind it all? Like…someone was talking this morning on the news about how our country doesn’t do ‘sorry’ very well. We do not admit wrong. We celebrate success and pride, but we don’t apologize for where we were in error because we fear punishment if we acknowledge our wrong. He was specifically talking about the terrorism of our past manifested in the lynchings that happened in the South. This man is intending to build a memorial to the victims. He does not want punishment. He wants our country to be able to acknowledge and remember and feel remorse and hopefully heal. Good man. I forget his name I was rushing to get ready for work. Dig into something like that? You’re good at those topics.

    Let’s see…I’m out of ideas. But I’m sure you’ll find something amazing to say, Or at least something interesting or funny. You’ve got skillz in this area, gurl. You got this!

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