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June Crafting Challenge!

Remember how, in May, I made a bow tie and it was a lot harder than expected? And the same held true for April’s craft?

I decided that, for June, I was going to take things simply. Simply and beautifully.

Lucky for me, June was dedicated to a young woman anyway (girls are way easier to craft for): Sarah. I met Sarah through my cousin, Hanna, and Sarah signed up for the crafting challenge and I immediately thought “something fancy.” I know she likes to dance and to dress up, you see.

This one is a collection of wood, glass, and "shell" beads.
This one is a collection of wood, glass, and “shell” beads.
So, I went to the craft store and meandered and paced the bead aisles trying to determine color schemes. I was leaning pink-and-green for a bit (summer!), but ended up being drawn to some warm purple beads. Cue more pacing of aisles, more comparing of colors, more decisions made-then-broken until I decided upon gold as the complimentary color.

Purple and gold. Rich, eh?

On Sunday I went to my aunt’s house with enough beads for my cousins to each make a bracelet, too. But, I emerged with five. Beka and I decided that five was a good number for gift bracelets.

Here they are! I feel like they could all stand alone, but they all look good together, too. 🙂

Nothing like some new jewelry to perk up an occasion.


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