February challenge

Last year I tried to write a piece of poetry every day for the month of February. This lasted decently well for the first two weeks. And then, sadly, one of my dearest friends was in a life-threatening accident involving an ambulance and unconsciousness and recovery and, to this day, there are things that his... Continue Reading →

2. The holy (broken) family

Maybe St. Joseph Was just as broken as My father. We paint a rosy picture-- Joseph cradles a sleeping Mary Joseph covers the baby Jesus Joseph works in his shop And the doves gather As the lilies bloom. But maybe We're wrong. And our heart-cries For perfection have forgotten: Joseph was not announced by an... Continue Reading →

Stories from the desert

I once sat in a table discussion at a workshop We were asked to share about God's work in our lives. Every story, told, took a matter of minutes. But, I was struck that every story used a phrase like, "And a long time later," Or, "Over the course of years..." To say a phrase... Continue Reading →

Are there rice crispy treats in heaven?

Heaven, like God, is not bound by time. My sister once nearly cried herself to sleep trying to wrap her elementary-schooled mind around the eternal nature of God and the experience scarred me, so, I don't often try to ponder the implications of God's everlasting presence. Besides, of course, that heaven will last forever. I... Continue Reading →

The poetry of life

Once, when I was a child, I memorized (because of school) a poem about the ocean. I had never seen an ocean; I live several hundred miles inland on a giant continent. But, I learned a poem about the ocean: the way the spray flies through the air, the way the wind sings, the way... Continue Reading →

Queens. In secondhand dresses.

The women of Detroit are a regal, scrappy bunch. Anywhere else why would reign as Queens CEO's Celebrated leaders of parliament-- Well-loved by nations via Parades on their birthdays and their faces on Postage stamps. We would see them in our newspapers, Pray for them in church. The potential has been sucker-punched away, though, by... Continue Reading →

Friend Poem No. 5

I have a friend Named Tim Whom I met Over a cubicle wall-- Me telling him too many stories Me laughing too loud Me making people think HE was the trouble-maker Me "volunteering" him for more, frantic life. I would send him notes Through a crack In the wall. He would send the paper back... Continue Reading →

Friend poem No. 4

I have a friend Named Hanna. One of my oldest friendships, A cousin. On Friday she wore stripes And I said-- "Like a raccoon" And she twisted her head like a raccoon, Pranced a dance to the table Her hands pulled Chest-ward Like paws. We went camping in August, Hanna and I. Five days of... Continue Reading →

Friend Poem No. 3

I have a friend Named Julia. She sometimes writes me letters-- Snail mail-- In cards she has designed herself, Her practiced hand switching from script to CAPS. She writes of saints, Flowers, Love, Friendship. She picks flowers, Sketches heaven, Buys dark chocolate. She cuts her hair short, Announces to her office that They will be... Continue Reading →

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