9. To fallen Eden

Who told you you were naked? Who said you're not enough? Who whispered that your vulnerability Would not be met with love? Who said that you were all alone? Who held you there in fear? Who said that I would come in wrath When I saw you trembling there? Who told you you were naked,... Continue Reading →

8. On discernment

I have told God, point blank, That if He just *told* me What He wanted me to do, Then I would do it Promptly. Did He not understand this?? He told me, Quietly, That if the answer came that simply Then I wouldn't be required to Trust.

6. What you are

I have a spiritual director; we meet once a month. He asks me about my prayer life, and what parts of the Bible are striking my heart. Every month, he always asks me if there is a scripture passage that I would like to use for meditation. Sometimes I pick one that comes readily to... Continue Reading →

5. The definition of charity

My sister's middle name is "Charity," which the dictionary says is about giving to others in need and the Catechism says is about loving others and God, but I think it might be about the time we were hiking in the frigid north and she (so unfortunately) got diarrhea in the middle of a twelve-mile... Continue Reading →

3. Based on true events

I ran into a friend of mine, now-ordained, at an event where we were both volunteering. On the way to our cars, I asked if he would hear my confession, and he said he would, so we paused, in the cold January air, in a salt-stained back parking lot off of a busy road. The... Continue Reading →

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