Friend Poem No. 1

544614078_1280x536.jpgI have a friend
Named Noah.
A Viking man–
Broad and bearded.

He is the
Ferdinand the Bull
of Vikings.

His solid shoulders could
Plunder villages,
His brawny knuckles
Break through doors,
Carry piglets to the ship,
Him unheeding his bleeding cuts.

He doesn’t.

Sometimes he makes his sister
Her favorite foods
In rough-cut boxes.

When I have parties
He texts me:
“Can I help?”

And he does–
Watching my caramel
Lest it burns,
Playing Indie music,
Fiddling with spices
From my cabinet–
Secret mixes of
Flame or friendship.

He is capable of
A good dish.
So, I let him.

A Viking,
In my kitchen,
Bent over my pots.

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