This is my Camino. Welcome.

February challenge

Last year I tried to write a piece of poetry every day for the month of February. This lasted decently well for the first two weeks. And then, sadly, one of my dearest friends was in a life-threatening accident involving an ambulance and unconsciousness and recovery and, to this day, there are things that his mind just cannot quite recall.

As you might imagine, suddenly poetry didn’t matter as much anymore once I received that phone call. (In fact, I don’t think I wrote anything for a few weeks).

He’s better now, or at least, he’s on his way.

And, because I never finished last year, I decided: I wanted to try again. So, here we are. Day 2, two pieces down.

You’re invited to join me, if you so choose. I’d love to read your comments or anything you compose (for sure!)

I am also thinking about having a “theme” to the poems (she says on day two) and that theme is “saints.” Enjoy. 🙂

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