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PawWhat’s on my mind right now? The Play in a Day. On Saturday. Really, it is.

But, you deserve more. So! A run-down of things!

  1. I went with Paul to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I love me a good Farmer’s Market, honest, I do. Homeboy picked out some cacti and I was on the lookout for red lentils. Alas, luck for him but none for me. Good times, though.
  2. I feel like my life is perpetually the first 59 seconds of this video: Srsly already! It’s still cold over here! MAGIC OF MAY, WHERE ARE YOU?
  3. I spoke with a friend a few days back. Something he said has stuck with me: “It’s easy to think we’re each all alone at this stage,” he said, “but, I think we all thought we’d be married this point or in seminary or something and…we’re not.”
    It was kind of interesting, just to think about. I thought about all of my super awesome, holy friends who…are single. Like me. I believe that they know how to listen to God, and that I know as well. So…now what? Will she delve into this via more posts about vocation in the future? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.
  4. I don't eat out a lot...but when I do: FISH TACAS ALL DA WAY.
    I don’t eat out a lot…but when I do: FISH TACAS ALL DA WAY. I grabbed these with Paul, showing him my favzies taco joint.
  5. I thought that this was beautiful. Yesterday the priest said at mass, “We don’t just state that ‘We believe God’ but, rather, that ‘We believe in God.” We trust him, we hope in him. I liked that.
  6. I came home today and my youngest cousin was over. I was like, “Oh, hi! What did you do today?”
    And she was like, “I held the guinea pigs, I let them run around, I fed them mango-drops, I took them outside to the backyard, I let them run around again, I fed them some peas, I tried to catch them under the furniture, I held them again…”
    She’s great at animal-handling, so they were in good hands. But, boy were they ever tired at tonight! They’re both conked out in their cages.
  7. Kiwi gets some lovin' at the hands of a ten-year-old.
    Kiwi gets some lovin’ at the hands of a ten-year-old.

The cousin also filled me in on Ever After High. It’s what all the cool kids are playing with these days, I guess. I even took a princess personality quiz to figure out which one I was most like. Want to know which? The Sleeping Beauty one.

Which is fitting.

As it’s now bedtime. 🙂

XOXOXOX and sweet dreams, dears,

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