Musings from dancings

I went dancing last Friday, after work and circus, vintage scarf fastened around my neck. About an hours' drive from my house is a great swing scene--great music, great leads, great floor (<--note the dance-speak. Yes, we talk about floors. And this is a pretty nice floor--slick, shiny wood). And I was wearing red, red... Continue Reading →

Dancing? Tonight?

One of the biggest lessons I learned at my college job was: some people just don't want to be happy. It's puzzling, I know. But, nonetheless, there are people who would rather have, I don't know, an allotted amount of negativity in every day. Maybe it fuels them somehow? Makes them feel balanced inside? I... Continue Reading →

For my grandma, who taught me to dance

If my grandmother was alive, either yesterday or today would have been her birthday. Except, I don't remember and my mother can't exactly place the date either. So, we're going with today. Happy birthday, Grandma D. This post deserves a disclaimer, lest you believe me to be something I'm not. I dance, but I don't... Continue Reading →

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