This is my Camino. Welcome.

Worth celebrating

Yesterday I was rubbing my chin, absentmindedly, as I wrote, and I realized that I was growing a singular bristle-hair on the right-hand side, on my jawline, so I got up and walked to the bathroom and plucked it with some pink tweezers I keep on hand for any such occasions.

And then I thought about texting my cousin, Johanna, a picture of Gimli the dwarf like, “THIS IS WHAT MY FACE LOOKS LIKE, I JUST FOUND A WHISKER ON MY FLIPPING CHIN,” but then I wasn’t sure if she would even understand, so instead I just flipped off the light, laughed to myself, and walked back to my room.

There are few people in the world who reach chin-whisker levels of joking, and Hanna happens to be one of them, by fate or chance or who knows what.

And maybe that’s weird but, maybe, that’s worth celebrating.

It was just Hanna’s birthday, too.

One time we hiked, like, 37 miles in two days and it was full of (1) bugs (2) poison ivy (3) no potable water (4) a singular snake. Spain, Poland, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and more.

It’s worth celebrating.

Not to be attempted in two days. Yet, here we were.

Yesterday we had a birthday for Julia. There were flowers and really tasty foods (Noah helped me make them. It took us a couple of hours. It was really nice of him. I burnt some caramel at one point and he didn’t even judge that hard. Also, he did a lot of the heavy lifting, and I realize that, and I should probably write him a snail mail thank you card).

Because Julia is worth celebrating, too.


Good week, ya’ll. Because these are good people. And I’m lucky to know them.

Holler at those hikes through forests and fields.
Holler at good conversations from strong women that stretch and pull us.
Holler at beautiful things–dresses and art and music and such–for beauty is a gift to the world.


Holler at those times we laughed until we snorted.
…and those churches we’ll never forget.
…and the great talks and lessons from our people–Fr. Pio and Sr. Carolyn and all else.

Yum city.

Holler at tough conversations about love and life and politics (election 2016, tho)
…for late nights on the bus at the March for Life
…for unforgettable too-late masses on Easter Vigil
…for the times we’ve danced, on lawns and at friends’ weddings and basements and wherever else we seem to find music.

Holler at the tents we’ve camped in, the cars we’ve road-tripped in, the teapots we’ve shared. Holler at the kneelers we’ve knelt by across the U.S. and all else. Holler at the friends we’ve made, the songs we’ve sung, the roads we have travelled.

And holler at the adventures ahead, too.

Happy birthday, ladies.

You’re pretty darn worth a hearty celebration.

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