Update from the road

Limited internets and no pictures means this post isnĀ“t for the faint of heart (also! European keyboards with different places for keys!) But! I did want to update. We are well. Quite well. The group is a joyful mix of awesome, awesome people. I love hanging out with them. I love walking the super steep... Continue Reading →

July 17–My momzies

MY MOM IS JUST LIKE, "TELL THEM TO PRAY FOR MY FEET." So, yeah. Straight from her mouth. Pray for the feet of this woman who has adventured across the Carribean, Europe, Asia, Australia and America. The woman who birthed five kiddos, homeschooled them all, and is now making her way to Santiago. Woo hoo!!

July 16- Prayers for Bob

One day I got a phone call on my work line from a man I'd never met before. "Hi," he said, "I heard you're walking the Camino de Santiago. I want to join you." It was bizarre. The conversation that followed was probably awkward for both of us as I tried to ask important but... Continue Reading →

July 15–Prayers for the lovely M.

This one joins us. She's a complete treasure. Like, holiest one I know, for real. In the words of my sister, "She probably sees visions of Jesus and Mary, but she just hasn't told anyone yet because she's super humble." We're so glad to have her along! Praise and bless God for all of His... Continue Reading →

July 12- Pray for Ceebs

My sister. My dearest partner in greatness. We travel together well, even though she needs a precise schedule. Frequently, I pretend we have one and make it up on the spot because I am good at improving these situations. She's cool with that, though. This is the girl who packed the first aid kit first.... Continue Reading →

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