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July 19–Prayers for my son, Matt

Me with my friend, Matt. Photo by John Jay Li.
Me with my friend, Matt. Photo by John Jay Li.

Once I went to a dance and the friend I was with, Sam, said, “Do you see that guy over there? He’s becoming Catholic.”

So the friend introduced us and I was like, “HI. I LOVE BEING CATHOLIC. DO YOU WANT TO GO ON A NEW YEAR’S RETREAT WITH ME? There will be dancing.”

And he smiled and nodded.

And, not knowing anyone in our family, he drove from his family’s gathering in Florida all the way to Chicago for Retreat.

At the first talk they were like, “The basis of this retreat is Mary and the Eucharist,” and I sunk into my seat, embarrassed that this would overwhelm this fetal-Catholic.

So I did what didn’t make sense and avoided him. For days. Until he cornered me in the kitchen.

“Danielle, this is everything I needed!”

And he received special permission to be consecrated to Mary before he was even Catholic.

And then, as consecration has it, the adventures never stopped.

He joined my family for World Youth Day, for the play I wanted to perform, to countless dances and parties. It’s been real.

Matt is my only returning pilgrim (except for my family).

So, pray for him in a special way today. Thank God for his positive personality and his love of truth. And then pray that he gets to dance. He loves dancing. 🙂


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