This is my Camino. Welcome.

July 13–Prayers being collected for our friend Jesus

Jesus and I high five. Taken approximately a million years ago.
Jesus and I high five. Taken approximately a million years ago.

I met this guy several years ago. My oldest brother volunteered with an order of priests, as did this guy. At the end of the year they were going to have a mission to a large city–New York, maybe? But, alas, swine flu fear grasped the country and flights were cancelled.

My brother recommended our lovely city for the rest of the mission…and so it was.

Here is where I met Jesus. It was super fun, too; everyone loved him.

He moved back to the south and we remained Facebook friends. We didn’t really talk or exchange pleasantries, even.

And then Facebook added the tagging function, where every time a name is typed the person is notified.

Often when I would write about Jesus-the-Son-of-God, Facebook would notify Jesus-the-guy-in-Atlanta.

It so happened that I bought a ticket to Spain and wrote about it on Facebook, asking Jesus-the-Son-of-God to go with me.

But instead (or as well?) Jesus-the-guy-in-Atlanta was notified and he said, “I want in.”

And so, he is.

Pray for him today as we all journey together! Pray for an outpouring of peace, joy, and light in his life.

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