Meeting my brothers

Last post in the meet-my-family series is by my brothers. They're each unique individuals, and here is some brother insight for today. And I'm posting pics and commenting in italics per the usual. My oldest brother, David, answers first Pretend you had a free weekend--what would you do? Work on projects around the house. I... Continue Reading →

Meeting my family: Ceebs and Marc

These two together because they get along well? That and they weren't descriptive in their answers, so it would be, like, a twenty-word blog post each. Oh, and any comments I have are italicized. Teh padre answers some questions: What did you eat for lunch today? Chimichanga, rice and beans Describe Esther (my sister-in-law) Looks... Continue Reading →

Learning more about my life!

So, last week was a doozy-week of posts where I was like, "Blah, blah, blah deal with all my issues!" And it was heavy for both of us, wasn't it? This week I'll be doing something different. I put a bunch o' questions in my sister's Wayne State soup mug and asked all of my... Continue Reading →

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