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Learning more about my life!

This is me and my favzies hairdresser, my gurl Kristen.
This is me and my favzies hairdresser, my gurl Kristen.

So, last week was a doozy-week of posts where I was like, “Blah, blah, blah deal with all my issues!”

And it was heavy for both of us, wasn’t it?

This week I’ll be doing something different. I put a bunch o’ questions in my sister’s Wayne State soup mug and asked all of my family to answer a few questions each so you can learn more about them/ us.



The first few I’ll answer…just to get the game going.

“What is the family motto?
Mayyyybe, “We can do a lot of things, but we’re not great at any of them.”

That or, “You should totally hang out with us–we have a cabinet full of snacks!”

What song always gets you grooving?
This changes. But Danza Kuduro is pretty dang slick. Caro Emerald is my jam, too.

Describe Paul.
He’s blond, like me.

He’s also introverted, which is odd for a Center–it neverending-ly perplexes my mother that he doesn’t find pleasure in sitting at the table to visit.

He’s very creative in really, really interesting ways.
For instance, he makes personalized bottle openers out of metal for his friends and he writes music. For a while he texted me quotes from movies, like, every day; but not anymore. I guess it was a stage. So, yeah.
He shared this weekend that he’s judgmental of parents who name their children “pagan-a** names.” He gets worried if you don’t report home at a reasonable hour. He loves eating peanut butter dropped into a bowl of Rice Crispies.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
Oh my gossssssssh. So hard. I still haven’t seen the Holy Land, which would be awesome.

  • Africa (just because)
  • California (for surfing lessons!)
  • Boston (in the Fall! I hear it’s lovely!)
  • Prince Edward Island (duh. Anne of Green Gables)
  • New Orleans (music!)
  • Asia. I have a friend there who I’d like to visit for kicks and giggles and adventure.

Which gluten is the tastiest?
I can’t believe I pulled this one.

So much tasty!
So much tasty!
I miss a lot of glutens, but one of my favorites of always was chalka bread. It’s a Polish egg bread, braided for awesome, studded with golden raisins and brushed with egg and powdered sugar.

So good fresh, so good toasted, so good plain, so good with PB&J.

If you can still eat gluten, have one and think of me.

If you got married TOMORROW, which priest would you want to celebrate/ witness?
Mmmmmmmmmm. Hard.

I would ask all of these and have them draw straws for delivering the message:

  • Fr. Prus. Brought my parents back to the faith, married them, baptized most of us so now we’re not heathens. He delivers a homily and you literally cry your way through.
  • Fr. Pio. Because I love him with so much of my heart and all he wants is to shepherd me into being a better woman.
  • Fr. Ryan. Because he annoys teh everlovin’ crud out of me like an older sibling but he’s hardcore on team get-Nell-to-Heaven and I consider him my friend.
  • Fr. Anthony. He delivers a mean homily. And he was my prayer-partner last year and told me to keep it up for this year. So: we’re tight.
  • Fr. Simon celebrating on the Ocean at the "end of the world" in Spain.
    Fr. Simon celebrating on the Ocean at the “end of the world” in Spain.
  • Fr. Simon. Homeboy has preachin’-skillz. Plus we walked the Camino together so I feel like pre-marital counseling could be good. Namely him saying to my potential-man, “Run for your life, she has no idea what she’s doing.”

On second thought, maybe I should leave Father Simon out?

Ta da!

Stay posted for MORE questions answered by MORE of my family later this week!

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