This is my Camino. Welcome.

Meeting my family: learning about my mom

Today my mom answers questions, and I write a few comments in italics:

What was your worst Camino memory?
When you’re done with the Camino you forget the worst–it’s all wonderful.

My mom and dad on the Camino. Photo props to Marcus.
My mom and dad on the Camino. Photo props to Marcus. My mom loves the Camino…mostly.

What is your favorite soup?
Lots of vegetables with cabbage, barley and short ribs.

Pick three people you’d travel with on an epic road trip
She wrote a long answer and a short answer. Short answer first:

  1. People who are not directionally challenged…or love to laugh when we get lost.
  2. Someone who likes to “walk in a relaxed manner.”
  3. People who don’t mind stopping for the bathroom.

Long answer second:
Because I didn’t get married until I was in my thirties and because I lived at home with my mom, I enjoyed traveling every chance I got. A key to a good trip is having a traveling companion with whom you are compatible. I was very fortunate to have two sisters with whom I enjoyed some of my travels, in addition on my first trip to Poland I met Bernadette. We enjoyed several trips together including the Grand Canyon and a two week cruise as crew members on a yacht in the Virgin Islands.

A good traveling companion shares common interests, values and energy level. I have great memories of traveling with each of my companions. another person I’ve enjoyed traveling with is my sister-in-law, Lynn, when our children were growing up, Lynn spent a lot of time with us and joined us for a number of vacations. Lynn is fun, funny and agreeable to just about anything. We always enjoy our time with her.

My mom in her garden as the sun was falling, hence the blur. :)
My mom in her garden as the sun was falling, hence the blur. 🙂

Describe the one-who-writes-this-blog
Oh, gosh. Blushing for you guys. You can skip this one. I swear I’m not these things.

Her name means “God is my judge.”
Her middle name is “Joy.”
She lives up to her name–she brings the joy of the Lord into every nook and cranny of life.
She is like an explosion of energy when she comes into the room–she creates enthusiasm in those around her.
She has a gift of bringing people together and making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable.
She always has a new idea.
She loves to dance and sing and be a circus acrobat.

OK, that was edited and I’m stopping there since there’s way more and I JUST PRAYED the Litany of Humility this morning.

What is our family motto?
The one we heard every day was, “Work before play every single day.”
The one I want to live: “Love trumps being correct.”

On the Camino- what was one thing you would have left behind and one thing you would have packed.
Definitely the map that told us about what was coming up–I’d much rather be surprised!

My parental units at a fundraiser.
My parental units at a fundraiser.

And that illustrates the difference between mom and my sister who needs lists and explanations. 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll introduce you too all of my brothers in one fatal swoop. Thanks for reading, guyyyyyyyysss!

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