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State of the Union, 2014

So. It’s birthday time on the blahg. WAIT A SECOND, before you jump to conclusions: is isn’t my birthday, it’s the blog’s birthday. Happy birthday, blog!

This hedgehog be like, "No."
This hedgehog be like, “No.”

I’ve been writing for two years now, which is weird to think about. Because when I started I was kind of like, “Will I have enough of the things to say?”

And I guess the grand answer to that is, “Yep. And then some.”

So, today is for you, too, reader. Light yourself a birthday candle on your birthday taco.

Where are you from? I have no idea. But I actually have a little bit of idea. In the past year, readership is from mostly these places:

  1. United States of America (like me!)
  2. United Kingdom (hallo!)
  3. Canada (friends in the north…and south…since I hail from Detroit-y areas)
  4. Australia (g’day mate! I miss things about your nation! Namely: the Southern Cross, the didgeridoo, and lambingtons)
  5. The Netherlands (I know nothing about you, basically. Sorry. Tell me stories?)

I have 166 followers which is crazy to me (hi, guys!)

The top search items in the past year were:

  1. “sea shell nell” or some variation therein with mixed words or capitalized letters, etc.
  2. “father pio maria cfr” which makes me nonstop lol lol lol. I love him too, though, so I understand

The top posts in the past year were:

  1. The time I wrote about being single
  2. When I confessed I’m not always “praying” in that chapel
  3. Super recent post about my parent’s anniversary
  4. A memorial when a friend passed away

It’s been a roller coaster, hasn’t it? I never know what to expect, either. But, thanks for joining me on this ride. I’m floored and honored and speechless, really.

So speechless, here’s a taco:


Celebrating with birthday tacos should be more of a thing. Maybe for celebrating half-birthdays, actually! Because guess whose half-birthday is coming up on Saturday?


That’s right. And probably once you’ve reached the age of seven, half-birthdays aren’t even all that special, right? Well, sure. Except that: my half-birthday falls on the feast of my good, good, good friend St. Francis of Assisi, so I always kind of feel like pulling out the celebratory tacos or celebratory something on that day.

So, yeah. Another year of blogging. Another half-year of life.

I would say more things, but I really don’t even know what to say. I’d love to hear what you have to say, though, so feel free to leave comments for my blog’s second birthday! You could even use the internet’s random renamer, if you want to create a separate persona and thereby remain anonymous.

What’s been your favorite post? One of those? Or a different one?
Which post did you hate? What would you like to see/ read about more? (No promises). πŸ˜‰
Which dog breeds are superior, in your mind, to the other dog breeds?
If you had to choose a food to be the appropriate official half-birthday food…which food would that be? (Tacos? Should half-birthday tacos be a thing??)
And, if you have any life-advice questions for me, we could make a special post of that. Maybe for my half-birthday.

Thanks for reading, guys. I love you all. Madly.

For real, though.

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