This is my Camino. Welcome.

Went to a Gospel concert on Sunday <3

Show me a people who have known deep suffering, and I’ll show you a people who know how to talk to God, plead with God, walk with God, praise God.


Show me a young girl singing to Jesus and I will honestly show you an auditorium of grown men crying. (Yes. That happened).


Sing and dance and minister to me about the everlasting love of God and, dagnabbit, I will destroy the three Kleenexes I stuffed in my coat pocket. And I will yell and clap and sweat-through-my-shirt like the best of them because OH MAN, did these lovely people know how to put on a concert.

Paul, John, Nell.
Paul, John, Nell.

So, John Thorne is an unbelievably talented, talented, talented treasure to our Archdiocese/ church/ world and sometimes I’m so lucky he even talks to me and that’s just the best thing ever.

And you should hear him sing. Goosebumps. Every time.

You should watch him conduct a concert–he seriously JUMPS so high when he needs a flourish-y finish. 🙂

But more so: you should hear him talk about his vision for the city.

But more so: you should be present one day when he prays because it’s just this crazy, personal discussion of love between him and his God where John consistently lays himself out as a gift to his creator and then all you can do is stand back and be like, “Dang. That’s a giant amount of awesome contained in one person.”

And today someone was like, “[insert racist comment here]” and I felt like pulling my nails out because that’s where we live: a disgustingly racist city.

But, last night, for a few hours, it was just a bunch of us united in song and dance and praise.

And I really like tasting heaven every now and then.

So, thanks, JT!

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