On travelling to Bethlehem

I've never been to the Holy Land But I've been to other lands, holy to me. I didn't go because I was required by order (Unless you count the order of Whispers-in-my-heart). I cannot say I've shared their experience But, the human experience is full of comparable moments, isn't it? It has always struck me:... Continue Reading →

Three super short reflections by me. Today.

Hi! Can I just spit out reflections rapid-fire without necessarily providing any linking thoughts or points? Yes? Good. Here we go, Flo. First, here's a reflection from that online retreat I'm doing: “In this scene [where Mary visits Elizabeth], two peasant women, both pregnant, greet each other. Everything about it suggests smallness and obscurity. What... Continue Reading →

Advent times

I started an online retreat yesterday. It's my first time doing this. A spiritual director (mine is a religious sister) calls/ emails/ Skypes/ whatevers everyday day to touch base, reflect and pray with ya. So far (cough one day cough) I've enjoyed it. Lest you believe me to be something I'm not: I also didn't... Continue Reading →

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