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Advent times


I started an online retreat yesterday.

It’s my first time doing this. A spiritual director (mine is a religious sister) calls/ emails/ Skypes/ whatevers everyday day to touch base, reflect and pray with ya. So far (cough one day cough) I’ve enjoyed it.

Lest you believe me to be something I’m not: I also didn’t fully prepare as I was supposed to. Sooooo, I also made some things up and pretended a little. Full disclosure.

ANYWAY. Something that my director said was this: do we see these 25 days of December as days until Christmas…or as Advent?

Meaning: are we just rushing to complete these days or are we taking them as gifts themselves?

Good stuff, right?

With that in mind, I resolve to be more intentional about this season…not just the season to come. Christmas in its own time.
Sooooo, in an effort to do these things, I’m linking up with the lovely and darling Haley who is “unplugging” for Advent.

I’ve already changed my Facebook password (and lost the card where I wrote it down. I’m not getting back in, like, ever) to something I cannot easily remember in an attempt to keep my focus.

Things I’m planning on doing this Advent:

Online Prayer Retreat. Just for the week, but, hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Making things with love. I figure: we have enough things. My family is mostly comprised of adults. If they want something, they buy it. 🙂 This year I’d love to focus on hand-made items. Of course, I also need to finish the crafting challenges. La la la. Advent: COME AT ME.

No Facebook. It just distracts me from actual real-life, dog. Plus, this way, I won’t know about events. They tend to be my extroverted heart’s downfall.

Intentional Community. Stay posted, party people.

Prayerful reading. Because: let’s shoot for the moon while I’m also trying to pray more and exercise more and craft more and listen more, right?

My Saint Andrew Novena. Love this puppy.


These are how my goals look today, the second of the December. If you’d like to link up, too, here’s the lovely visual


And that, my friends, is that.


I cannot stop watching this leetle video of two DOGS MOCKING A BABY:



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