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St. Therese, on her feast day

Back in January I sat on a chair and Father Pio Maria sat on a couch and talked to me about my life.

Fr. Pio and Br. Thomas. source
Fr. Pio and Br. Thomas. source.
We’ve been doing this every January for the past few years, and it’s always a treasured time for me.

He gave me a bunch of things to do to improve in holiness, one of which was to read “Story of a Soul” by St. Therese.

I told him that I had tried before, when I was younger, that I didn’t like it then and probably would still be bored.

So he laughed and told me to do it anyway. (Obedience is this super hard virtue that we’re supposed to strive for…but it’s still hard because it’s easier to do what you want).

And I said I would try again, but I also told him I didn’t expect to like it.

Famous last words.

I was compelled to email him a few weeks back and say that I was wrong, he was right and that I did like it after all.

Here are three things I’ve underlined in my book:

  1. He does not call those who are worthy, but those He chooses to call. Riiight??? Right? I mean, what are we even doing here?
  2. My only desire now is to love Jesus even to folly. I love it because it’s so, “Yeah, I’ll just do whatever I want because I’m in love with Jesus. I couldn’t care less about what everyone thinks.” What a free place to be!
  3. It seems to me, my Jesus, that You could never have lavished on anyone more love than You have lavished on me. I feel this way often, too. Preeeeetty sure I’m Jesus’ favorite. Sorry, guys.

I guess what I’m saying is, if you didn’t like something ten years ago…give it another try! It may be better this time around. 🙂

So, St. Therese died at age 24, which is two years younger than the moi, I might add. But, she is not only a saint but also a “Doctor of the Church,” a high distinction given to those with great spiritual teachings.

Good woman, and I appreciate her prayers!

Here’s a final thought on vocation for you:

St. Therese, pray for us!
St. Therese, pray for us!

How wonderful! Our vocations are: to be loved by God! Isn’t that beautiful?

4 thoughts on “St. Therese, on her feast day

  1. True story: as a little girl reading about St. Therese I thought gee 24 is super old I’ll be ancient by then. Now I am 24 and I don’t feel ancient at all… except when I explain to my students that we didn’t have smartphones when I was their age, we had personal cd players.

  2. There is also a book written by Saint Therese’s biological and spiritual sister, Genevieve of The Holy Face/ Celine Martin. It’s called ‘My Sister Saint Therese. It gives you an even better Idea of what the ‘Little Way is all about. It isn’t as easy as some people think. So much self-denial/self sacrifice. I totally recommend it!!!
    Fr. Pio seems pretty cool, I wish I had his prayers.

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