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Tabbouleh-pasta salad (gluten free!)

Things that have happened this past year, medically speaking:

  • I’m now gluten-free
  • I’m now meat-free

So, yeah. That’ll change your life a little bit.
I think there’s a level of spirituality behind these menu-options. But, I won’t go into that now.
I also think there’s a level of spirituality behind well-made food that nourishes people and brings friends together. But, I won’t go into that now, either.

I will go into this salad.

It started out because I went to Eastern Market and bought a bunch of parsley all like, “I’m going to make tabbouleh!” But, again, I’m gluten free. No, big, I substituted quionoa. And I used this recipe as inspiration.

Tasty salad! Josh threw those cucumbers in from across the room. Goober.

The next day I was like, “You know what… I should add noodles!”
And I did.
And I saw that it was good.

But then I was on a roll so I added feta cheese. For the calcium. And the saltiness. And the awesome.
And that, too, was good.

Then I ate it and went to take this picture and my youngest brother was a goober and kept trying to block the photo, yo! He even went so far as to THROW IN SOME CUCUMBERS FROM ACROSS THE ROOM.

But, that just served as new inspiration. So I added cucumbers.

I ate it for dinner, true. But it could also make a lovely side or potluck dish. All delicious, light, fresh and what not. Mmm!

Tabbouleh-pasta salad
Ingredients Serves 6
Parsely, one bunch
2 tomatoes
3-4 cucumbers
3 scallion onions
1 1/2 c. of cooked quinoa
2 c. cooked, gluten free pasta
3/4 c. feta cheese
1 lemon
1/2 Olive oil (I used an olive oil vinaigrette. I live on the edge.)
  • Chop your parsley, your tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers in small little bits, combine in a bowl. Start getting excited. Delicious food!
  • Add the quinoa and the gluten-free noodles.
  • Slice the lemon in half and squeeze over your salad.
  • Add the olive oil and combine.
  • Mix in the feta cheese.
  • Pepper to taste. I suppose one could salt to taste, too, but that’s why there’s feta, loves!
  • Help yourself. To your good health!

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