This is my Camino. Welcome.

If you give a girl a springtime


We should go camping.
For a whole week, maybe (what luxury!)and hike everyday
And do handstands on mountains
And watch stars from under blankets
And bring all our friends.

And speaking of friends–
Why, we should have them over for dinner!
Fresh, spring dinner from the new produce from the local markets
Soups and quiches and tarts
All made with love
For the people we love.
Too-late conversations in this springtime night air
As the candles slowly burn out
And our voices hush.

And, speaking of food–
We should go get tea somewhere
Somewhere where they make fresh bread on site
And maybe they have
Succulents in pots
On their walls
And we can talk about the things we have been reading
While we nibble too-dark fair trade chocolate.

And, speaking of tea–
Let’s take it to the park
And read poetry with our friends
On blankets in the grassy fields.
Poetry and out loud
With the bushels of lilacs drooping from their own fragrance
And sparkling lemonade
And maybe gingersnaps
But definitely each other.

Man, I’ve been ready for summer.
Summer and you.
And again.

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