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Do you still believe in me, Lauren?

Because, in true-to-myself fashion, I went to the fabric store yesterday. Just to look. Oh, and there’s a dance this weekend. And, while I have a closet full of beautiful dresses, I thought I’d at least look. Just in case.

Three yards of shining taffeta-blend later…


..yep. I did it. I bought it. I cut it out the same night (Wednesday). Tonight (Thursday) it has pockets and a few steps left.

Is sewing as easy as I try to convince myself it is? No. No, it is not.

I’m only making a skirt, though, which is darts and sleeves and linings easier than a full dress.

I want it to be full but long-ish, maybe midi length. I want it to look more “elegant” than “hey ya’ll I was homeschooled” but WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN.

No one. No one knows.

Pray for me.

2 thoughts on “Do you still believe in me, Lauren?

  1. OF COURSE I STILL BELIEVE IN YOU, NELL. You got this. Sew like you love it and dream big like you do and dance strong and proud in your new skirt. <3

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