Not that I’m super into the holiday or anything. But. I do have two things I can share.

The first is a spooky photo.

There is a garden statue in my garden that is of a little girl.

Do you notice that, somehow, kids can be super creepy?

Anyway. Her arm is broken. It’s my fault. I once knocked it over while watering.

And now there is a spider that lives in her broken arm.

And it’s a wolf spider to top it off.

The second thing is my Halloween costume. My brainstorm was, “What do I love?” and the first thing I listed was “tacos” and I decided that I didn’t really need to make more of a list now, did I?

And then I was like, “Who can I convince to go as my partner in crime?”

And my sister, who, as you know, runs a Burger Club, came to mind.

So I was like, “Ay Ceebs. Do you want to be a burger for Halloween, and I will be a taco?”

And she was like, “What are you talking about?”

*cue Pinterest* and 2 days later she was like, “Here’s the dress I bought, tan like a bun,” and she pulled it together like what and I was like, “Shoot, I need to make this happen.”

So we did.

“Hey Ceebs, I was thinking we’d go, like ‘high fashion’ and stuff.”
“Yeah, I was thinking that, too.”
“And maybe I was going to buy some false eyelashes?”
“I already have mine ready.”

A Halloween party later and I’m a third-place Starbucks card wealthier. Holler if you want to grab some joe. And maybe some tacos. 😉

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