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What I Wore Wednesday


I was going to dress sharp and professionally today. I had my clothes folded and laid out for when I finished my shower. And then I was like, “Nah. Life is short and summer is short and there is only so much season for white-summer-things. And more color always.”

And so I wore my eyelet skirt and the lilac scarf that says “Paris” all across it, even though my mom bought it around Lake Michigan and the sweater from Colleen. And there was blue and pink and purple and white and off-white and, you know what? I don’t care.

All the summer colors.

I can feel a tinge of chill in the air–in the undercurrents. It means that fall is coming and that hurts a little bit. Tonight I mentioned to a friend

Me: I love summer. Right now my family is making popcorn inside but I’m outside and the leaves are tilting in the wind and I can hear I-75 in the distance, but subtly, and I rode my bike to the library and checked out books and I’m wearing short pants and I love short pants and I could do this forever.
Him: Then why do you even recycle?


And I meant to only return books to the library but there were so many that looked so good and I will do it!

(Yes. I have never read “The Little Prince.” I’m essentially a barbarian.)

And that was just that.

Summer while you still can, kids. 🙂

(Is this what it was like in the Garden of Eden with the new-found knowledge of good-and-evil? You knew, suddenly, that all things would come to an end but the end wasn’t there yet but, somehow, you knew?)

(Goose night!)

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