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Is she working on any projects at the moment. COUGH. OF COURSE.

Why hello, Detroit. You're looking extra lovely today.
Why hello, Detroit. You’re looking extra lovely today.

I’m working on things.

This is who I am as a person, generally, and sometimes I just gotta TELL THE THINGS, and I was going to text this one dewd like, “LISTEN TO ALL OF THE REASONS WHY LIFE IS WORTH LIVING AT THIS PARTICULAR MOMENT,” because I had already told (and I count, mentally) TEN ELEVEN THIRTEEN (Sweet Jesus, who am I??) (and one over tea, which means I had hijacked even EXTRA time) other people other things on various social media platforms, and I discerned it wasn’t necessary to bother him, too. BUT THE PROBLEM is that not all of them have responded to me, and I needed the extra enthusiasm.

Tea at hipster coffee place yesity yes.
Tea at hipster coffee place yesity yes.
Come, share in my enthusiasm.

(ALSO. How would you like to read this quote by St. Jane Frances de Chantal which tickled me: “Hell is full of the talented, but Heaven of the energetic.” And then I posted it on my older brother’s wall, which is levels of inappropriate, and I still think it’s funny).

I want to have an event. I’m thinking in February. And I want it to incorporate things that I love like Detroit and obscure-ish prayers and faith settings and mingling and silence and prayer. And love. And food.

Now, earlier this year, a friend had randomly been like, “Hey, check out this venue space” regarding this one place in Detroit, and I drove by it and kind of shuddered and wrote it off as a “no,” but I had an appointment with the lady who holds the space, so I stopped by yesterday and: holy yes.

The lady bought this old hardware store building at one of the property auctions, came and sawed off the locks, hauled out tons and tons of debris, and built (still in process!) this venue space featuring an open floor plan and exposed brick and natural light and HELLO, HOW ARE YOU LIVING THE VERY LIFE I’VE ALWAYS KIND OF WANTED?


What’s causing my heart to beat at the moment? Happiness.

(I honestly just emailed a fourteenth person. The self-discovery of my happiness-process is astounding today). (Wait. I had already talked to him. So, it’s really just one of the original people twice. Whatevs.)

This is the closest internet picture I could find to the shoes I was wearing. Totes cute, believe me, I'm aware.
This is the closest internet picture I could find to the shoes I was wearing. Totes cute, believe me, I’m aware.
At lunch (after the Communion service…no priest on Tuesdays), I tripped over to this local hub where the professional hipsters have set up this space for people to learn about the city and I walked in and this guy walked in after me (he worked there and was getting back from a tour), a afro-American with natural, thin dreads (personal favorite) and those hipster glasses and he was like, “I love your shoes, but I’m not trying to be creepy,” and I was like, “I like them, too, do you want to talk to me about where people can be lodged in Detroit?”

So then he went and found his coworker and she was like, “Tell me about what you’re trying to do.”

And I was like (really. I said this), “Well, I’m just the crazy one (I can preface with this because: it explains a lot and it gives me freedom) and I’m Catholic…”

And then she fist-pumped and said, “I went to Catholic school” and the guy said, “And I just went to Ste. Anne’s for their Day of the Dead celebration. Cool people.” Then he said he had a theology degree, to boot. And I was touched by how that statement drew us together, instead of pulling us apart.

So then I talked about Ste. Anne and the city and the people I love and how I want to help my people experience better lives, but I’m not afraid to try new things or experience new ideas.

These two were like, “Here are a list of places that might be able to help,” then they were like, “and ask the local churches, too” and then, at the end, the dread-locked guy was like, “…and I have two spare rooms at my house, too.”

He said it just sincerely and non-creepy and like, “Yeah, now we can all be friends,” which is how they approached the entire thing. And then they gave me their business cards so we can talk further and more.

I kind of just wanted to be like, “Come into my heart” because, geez, that was cute.

So, yeah. Sometimes you see a yellow arrow.

City and love and faith. Bam.

More of the space, just so you can love a little larger.
More of the space, just so you can love a little larger.

Also, if I wanted people who wanted to be involved to be involved, how should I best go about that? Do I just approach people like, “Hey, do you have a lot of love in your heart that you want to share? Time on your hands? Well, then. Talk to my face and drink my tea.” or what? Adulthood. How do I do this?

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    1. Oh. OK. If you have any insights into the needs of the young adult community–the real, raw needs–hit me up.
      That and love those babies hard, because they’re precious.

  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yellow arrow, yellow arrow, yellow arrow!

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