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Here, I’ll make it easier on you

Aaaand here's a picture of a llama.
Aaaand here’s a picture of a llama.

Here’s a list for you about my life. I thought about doing a weekend-recap, but I checked back on photos to try to jump-start my memory and…the best one was this llama photo. Yeah. List is is, eh?

I played against my oldest-brother-engineer in Scrabble this weekend and won, but we tied until the subtract-your-tiles thing at the end. We tie in Scrabble a strange, strange amount; so maybe we have the exact same vocabulary or something?

Friday I read all of The Lord of the Flies. Done and done.

The thing about great literature is that I’m never sure if I’ve appreciated it to the full. This is probably because in High school and college I’d take literature classes and the teacher would be like, “So the deeper meaning is…” until I was like, “Whoa. Do I even know how to read??”

So, this time around and on the other side of high school, I read the Wikipedia article after I was done so as to make sure none of the themes escaped my notice!

Have you read it? (Probably in high school?) I felt like it was less of a story and more of a, “here, let me share my political opinion using literature” piece. I’d love to chat some serious lit. Use dat comment section, if ya feel so inclined. Like the book? Dislike it?

This may be the meat-and-potatoes of the post. I started working on a new form of art this weekend–mixed media. I’ve always loved it from a distance, looked at it at art fairs and art displays, checked out books on it from the library. But! I’ve never jumped. Until this past week. And I was still nervous, you know? Thinking, “Do I know what I’m doing? Will I screw this up?”

But then I was like, “You need to start SOMEWHERE!”

So I jumped in with both feet.

And I am loving this ride, let me tell you.

It’s distracting me from a bunch of other things…but, what are you gonna do? đŸ˜€ I think about my art piece all the time–sad when I’m away. I’m hoping I’ll finish it tonight and I’ll post it soon afterwards. Right now it features painting and collage…but I bought some trinkets to loop in and I want to try some embroidery as well. Sound excellent? You know it!

Here’s something. Yesterday I only packed something for lunch, but realized once I left that I needed enough food for lunch and dinner both! I just figured I’d stop at a gas station for a Clif bar, but then I stopped by a different office at lunch time and the people there were like, “Hey! Come take some food with you! We have extra!”

I politely declined because it wasn’t my party. But, they insisted and I accepted. Tuna salad ftw–just delicious. And then I was like, “Aww yiss. God provides.”

The end.

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  1. You must listen to the Llama Song. It’s equal parts disturbing and addictive. I guarantee by tomorrow, you’ll be repeating to yourself, “Llama, llama, duck!”

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