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Yesterday is gone. Another day is here. Do something new…

Birthday girn.
Birthday girn.

In honor of her birthday, here are things she has taught me. Twenty-five of the things, in fact, in honor of the “25” candle we put on her cake, for no other reason than that was the candle we had.


I present:

  1. Don’t wear print-on-print.
    Taught when I wanted to wear my bicycle-print skirt with a bandana-print top around age six.
  2. Naps are nothing to be ashamed of.
    Take the nap.
  3. Traveling is awesome.
    She showed me her photo-books when I was still little.
  4. Traveling is hard. But it’s still awesome. 🙂
    I called her from Poland, my first trip away, because it wasn’t quite a fairy-tale, you know? And she told me this.
  5. Sometimes you just gotta belt it out in church.
    Let it go, let it goooo!
  6. Sometimes it just takes a haircut and you feel better about everything.
  7. Mistakes happen.
    Taught when little-me accidentally dropped an egg in the kitchen when trying to cook, and went to my room to cry.
  8. Buy the suit that makes you feel good about yourself.
    Because when you feel good, you look good.
  9. Ripping out seams is a part of sewing.
    Just like erasing is a part of writing.
  10. Use darker thread than the material with which you’re sewing.
  11. Inhale the lilac-scent in the springtime.
  12. Use newspaper to clean the windows.
  13. It won’t smear.

  14. Dance at weddings.
  15. Split up perennials in the springtime fall.

    She emailed me–it’s fall, not spring.
  16. Be bold in the face of danger
  17. Like the time we were in Chicago and a street-man was hassling us. When I was thirteen.

  18. Write snail-mail to share love.
  19. Double-check your receipts.
  20. I don’t actually do this.

  21. Chocolate milk has near-medicinal properties at times.
  23. I don’t buy this one.

  24. Always wear a slip.
  25. It’s helpful.

  26. Buy it when you see it.
  27. “Because when you need it, it will be gone.”

  28. No biting.
  29. Life skill.

  30. If you like a quote, write it down.
  31. Bonus points: tape it to the refrigerator.

  32. Dress up when you go out.
  33. No jeans in public.

  34. Be open to life and its possibilities.
  35. Pray for closed doors and opened windows.

Sto lat, mama!

Her birthday party! (On Monday. Today was rummage sale day.)
Her birthday party! (On Monday. Today was rummage sale day.)

Has your mom taught you anything you’d like to share? Has my mom taught you anything? Them comments be open, son!!

One thought on “Yesterday is gone. Another day is here. Do something new…

  1. I will write some things Leona taught me.

    1. How to felt rabbit fur with water and dish soap.

    2. She encouraged me to do a lot of things like join 4-H, go on PALM, and join the Capuchin Corpse. Some of these things were good ideas and one of them was not but I would not have looked into it at all if it were not for Leona.

    3. I like traveling with Leona because there are quite a few bathroom stops and I never have to worry about “holding it.”

    4. Leona got me a 2 month membership at Jazzercise. Thanks for encouraging my good health Aunty!

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