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Setting: Second week of Advent.

Theme: love.

And all I can do is sit here and think about how much work there is to be done. I’m thinking, “I don’t have time to write! I must make Christmas cards and buy gifts and make food and plan events!”

But then I thought, “Maybe these kind readers don’t have much time to read.”

Maybe you don’t.

So! Here are some (quick) thoughts on a week whose theme is “love.”

Once I was hanging out with this one dewd and he wanted to buy me something. I can’t remember what…maybe earrings?

So I was like, “Oh my gosh! You don’t need to do that!”

And he turned to me and said, “Why was John called the beloved disciple?”

And I said, “Ummm, I don’t know. Why?”

“It’s because he LET himself BE loved,” he said.

I think he was trying to joke around. However, I’ve never forgotten that conversation.

John was open to being loved, and so He was.

My friend Father Ryan once emailed me about St. Therese (yes, I have friends like that) and how she thought that her vocation–or “purpose” or “calling”–was to be loved. Not to be a great writer or a holy nun…just to be loved, by God.

And then my friend Kathryn sent me this quote:

“I understood that LOVE COMPRISED ALL VOCATIONS, THAT LOVE WAS EVERYTHING, THAT IT EMBRACED ALL TIMES AND PLACES…. IN A WORD, THAT IT WAS ETERNAL! Then, in the excess of my delirious joy, I cried out: O Jesus, my Love…. my vocation, at last I have found it…. MY VOCATION IS LOVE!” – St. Therese.

What if that’s all God wanted from you? For you to pretty much bask in His love?

I believe it’s our vocation, guys. That’s your calling. That’s your purpose. Forget about other assignments. It’s this one.

I could share more, but I won’t.

Take the week and think about how beloved you are. Give yourself the space to be loved. Enjoy and appreciate the beauty of this season.

Jesus is coming because of you.

You. You. You.

To restore our joy and dignity and relationship with the Father.

This is a season of love.

Embrace the love.

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