This is my Camino. Welcome.


Was going to go to :

  • Circus class

Instead I felt a little under the weather due to a few suspected culprits:

  • Maybe ate some gluten
  • Maybe got sneezed in the face by a li’l baby
  • Maybe cleaned the bathroom at work and didn’t wear gloves and some of the floor-suds splashed into my face also I have the plague now forget about me run run while you still can
  • Maybe someone else at work is sick

So instead of circus I:

  • Went to the store to make some ginger-rich stir fry
  • Opened a bag of quinoa and spilled it alllll over the counter (see below). Was sad. Mom told me not to be sad. Was less sad out of obedience.IMG_0450
  • Made some stir fry. Te gusta Thai Coconut peanut sauce?? (Pro tip: add a hint of lime and…$$$$)
  • Lino-stamped a few pages of a poetry book I hath purchased for a friend. Juli-yeah and I are filllllling it with notes and sketches and art and poetry. I love it. Love it. (If you love books…was this the wrong thing to do? Are we using books wrong? Discuss).
  • Cleaned the piggy cages (why does Kiwi smell like an old man?? Asking for a friend)
  • Dyed my hair indigo (which. I. am. loving. This year’s Lenten shade of purple > last year’s Lenten shade of purple, probably because this one is more blue/ that one was more red, this one fades out to silver and I look like a ice fairy up in here) because I am actually lectoring the Chrism Mass on Thursday with Jesus and the Archbishop and I wanted my hair to look intentionally purple…not faded-purple. I’m sure my boss (a priest, will be at the Chrism Mass) and my mother are thrilled.
I picked the elephant cut, because of the socks of said-friend, of an elephant riding a bike, with balloons. Also: that’s one of my favorite blocks. Or is it? They’re like my children…it’s hard to pick favorites. 😀

And for now: bed.

  • My fuzzy-sock-like sheets, in lettuce green, the color of my room.
  • My snuggie covered in monkey faces that I once won in some kind of contest
  • The quilt I stole from sister’s bed, since she is in Omaha and I was cold
  • The quilt I made in grade-school with my aunt
  • The fuzzy blanket that was a gift where I was like, “A blanket?” but now I realize it is soft and warm and my favorite.



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