Small winter poem 5 | Paintbrush

I keep my paintbrushes in a plastic box In a drawer In the corner Of the basement. There are maybe 40 brushes in the box Remnants from classes Workshops from my childhood Mixed together now. I don't paint very regularly Maybe a gift here and there Mostly I take the box When a group project... Continue Reading →


While I'm trying to write one poem every day for thirty days--YOU GUYS--break in the action here to talk about: St. Alice. I'm still researching saints for work-y things. LISTEN. St. Alice was born in Brussels, Belgium, same place as those amazing waffles and amazing chocolates. When she was SEVEN years old she apparently asked... Continue Reading →

Small Winter Poem 4 | Favorites

How good are woolen socks, though? Woolen socks Ice designs swirled onto frozen glass New workouts I test in order to stay focused, clear, strong Tea held both-hands in mugs Evenings in the warm, lit kitchen with friends all around Reminiscing about the memories made in the warmer months, all the while planning for new... Continue Reading →

Small winter poem 3 | Once upon a waltz

Maybe it's just me But does anyone else Relate specific songs to specific people? Maybe it's just because I dance But when certain songs play ...on the web wedding receptions ...over PA systems I think about the pilgrims Whose paths Have crossed mine Face/ places/ spaces of blurred memories overlapping. Today I was in... Continue Reading →

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