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Small winter poem 7 | Snail mail


There is a raw magical wonder to
Snail mail
Postal delivery in general.

For instance, one can buy a specialty sticker for the post,
Adhere it to a square of paper,
And that sticker means that the paper can be delivered
(Just about).
(There needs to be an appropriate address).

What wonder.
What fun.

And sometimes, on lucky days,
Someone excellent and wonderful has taken the necessary steps
And you’re gifted with a note as well.

What sacred intimacy–
For I doubt anyone’s handwriting is identical to another’s
And notes are often personal and specific
Making the cards unrepeatable glimpses of gratitude, friendship, and love.

Yesterday my mother stopped at our box
“Anything for me?” I asked.
She smiled, pulled out at card.
“I think you’ll like this one,” she said.

From Father Ryan!
What unexpected joy!
I smiled, too…
Haven’t stopped, in fact.

What magic.
What love.

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