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Small winter poem 14 | Fleeting


I have this one friend,
A close friend,
One of the people I treasure the absolute, absolute most.

This morning,
bright and early,
I saw that he had texted me.

(This is not uncommon, and,
Often being in different time zones means we
Often miss the other’s texts).

The text this time, though, took a turn for the serious.

An accident.
Two days of unconsciousness.
Memories lost and muted.

Funny how fast
Your life can change,
Isn’t it?

We’re all just mortal beings,
None of us promised another breath, another day,
Here by grace alone.

News like that will shake you out of monotony,
That’s for certain,
And fill your mind full of questions.

Will he be alright? (I hope so). Will we get to see each other again? Soon? (Please, yes).
And, most importantly…
Does he know how much he means to me? Did I tell him often enough?

I don’t know.

I hope so.

I wish that I would be that friend.

And not in a romantic way, you know?
Just in the way of:
Human, I treasure you.

I treasure having life with you.
I treasure that, with you, I never walk my Camino

Be well, you. Be well and recover and visit me again, here,
In this life and world where we sometimes glimpse that everything we know is

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