Biking these streets

Yesterday and today, I went biking with my mom. (Enjoy the old truck in the background).


Her feelings on the summertime.
Mom: “I could live outside. I really could. On this park bench.”

We see a bunch of folks playing PokemonGO. I explain the game to her. Honestly, we’ve seen 20+ people now. Including some in the cemetery we rode to visit.
Mom: “How did all these kids learn about this new Pokemon game? Was there a general announcement in the kid world of some kind?”

Then we went to Walgreens.

And then we found a small child wandering a neighborhood, and we enlisted a few neighbors to help us find her house. We found it. Said child is with parental unit again.

And then I practiced aerial inverts on the playground, even though I am a grown adult.

Circus, man. It calls to you. Even when the world all around is full of sad and hard things. Sometimes, you just need a summertime bike ride…with your mom.

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