This is my Camino. Welcome.

Lists on lists on lists on lists

SUNRISE BIKE RIDE!! (That is Juli-yeah’s silhouette, not mine. I took the shot. FYI).

Things I ate for dinner:
1. Corn chips
2. Hummus
3. Garlic dip
4. Watermelon
5. Baby carrots
I tried.

Things I watched today that are worth sharing:
1. This clip about how Stephen Colbert found his wife.
Literally precious.
And, generally speaking, I don’t have a lot of romantic in mine heart.

Things that I love about summertime:
1. Fireflies
2. The way the plants look against the fence line. This has been a very dry summer, hence all of the dry grasses in different shades. Lovely.
3. The way the sun sets in the sky–so many colors! It’s downright extravagant!
4. The way there is almost always a thin layer of sweat on my skin. It reminds me that I’m human.

Mixed feelings about summertime:
1. My face is suddenly more freckled.
2. Why can’t it last forever?!

Things I kind of want to do:
1. Overnight canoe trip. Does that sound like a great time? Maybe? Camping AND canoeing, eh?
2. Maybe have a pilgrimage?
I kind of have pilgrimage on the brain, now.
It’s because I gave a talk on pilgrimages tonight.
3. Move to Detroit like WHAAAAAT.
Pleeeeeeeeease pray for me.

Things I did over the holiday weekend:
1. Went dancing. To my place in Ann Arbor. And, as always, all of the leads were so sweet.

  • I talked to/ danced with one guy who is converting to Catholicism. I have no idea how we even ended up talking about that. But, talk we did. He was lovely and forthright about his spiritual life, kind of like I am. Great fun.
  • I talked to/ danced with another guy who is turning EIGHTY-TWO this week! Wow! Would that I could still be hanging out on the dance floor at eighty-two.
  • I talked to/ danced with another guy who is a chef at a fraternity. We talked about the bottomless pit that are college boys. We talked about my nine-course dinner party. He told me he thought that I’d be good at blues dancing. I told him I wasn’t so sure about that.

I love this. I loved meeting them and dancing with them and learning their stories. <3
3. Rode my bike to Belle Isle in the early morning of July 4th with friends so we could see the sun rise.
We were a little late. The sun had risen a little bit. It was kind of my fault. The bike rack is my sister’s and I couldn’t quite get it on quickly in the dark.
Sorry, Ted.

4. Saw a parade! With Pauliwog!!
We scored so much candy, you guys.
And we didn’t even try.

Paul. His hat full of candy. HIS BONUS WAR-OF-1812 WIFE AND BABY THAT THEY WERE JUST GIVING OUT AT THE PARADE! So, yeah. Paul is married now. That’s his wife, Genevieve, and his child, Gertie.
Bonus shot. Watching fireworks with people who are special to mine heart. Even though this is a foggy picture, it is a happy memory. And I decided to document. 🙂

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