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Some days are just rough rough rough

When I was in college, I came to this odd realization (but it worked for me) that once a semester I would have a bad day. I know, it’s weird. But, inevitably, it would happen. One day would just be the worst of all days and all the tests I got back that day would be awful and I would be late for class and I’d lock my keys in the car and forget to bring food and probably forget my raincoat and–>downpour and other such sad-face realities. But, often, about an hour in, I’d look at the day and be like, “Well what do ya know, this is that awful day I’ve been saving for. Good thing I was prepared!” and then I’d wait it out, go to bed, wake up the next morning, and everything would be fine.

In some ways that has carried over into my not-college life. Sometimes I just have bad days. But I’m always like, “Oh. Well, I’ll just wait this one out and tomorrow everything will be different and better and sunshine.”

Call me Annie.

Sunday/ Monday/ Yesterday/ ALL LAST WEEK I didn’t post because the day was hard, but I was like, “Eh, tomorrow will be better.”

Want to hear what happened in the first few seconds of this morning?

Well, I decided yesterday that I wasn’t going to let my sad mood affect my life, so I decided to start washing the backed up laundry. As you know, I live with other people, and our laundry situation is kind of communal. So, there was a bunch of laundry that was dirty…dirty, but sorted. It was sorted by color into laundry baskets, just waiting to be cycled through the washer and dryer. Since I was home alone and sitting in my beebee funk, I decided to grab blah by the horns and attack all the things that needed to be tackled. So. I started cycling the laundry–washer, dryer, wait for both to finish, unload dryer, transfer wash, start dryer, start washer, etc.

This morning I woke up, remembered that there was still a load sitting in the washer, and determined to go down and switch it to the dryer.

You. Guys.

I opened the lid and there was gummy gunk EVERYWHERE. Everywhere. All across the clothes–inside and out and bunched in the crevices–these tiny, gummy pieces of greyed caulk-like substances. And I didn’t know what it was. And it was everywhere. And I had to leave for work in a half-hour.

My thought process was, “What is this?” and I started pulling pieces off of the clothes and “I can’t throw this in the dryer! It will ruin the clothes!” and “This is everywhere!” because it was…all in the rolled-up pieces of wet clothing and “did someone leave a pack of gum in their pocket??” because it was kind of white like just-washed gum but “there’s no foil anywhere…and gum would have foil…”

Then I came across some foil. A bag of foil. With the word “cheese” printed across it again and again and again.

You. Guys.

Somehow a box of MAC-AND-CHEESE fell into the laundry basket I threw into the wash last night.

Just to set the scene–our chute delivers dirty laundry to the basement. Right next to the laundry is a pantry with canned goods and the like…and, sometimes, boxes of mac-and-cheese. Somewhere in the process, a box must have fallen into the laundry basket. But, I didn’t sort the clothes, I just transferred them from basket to machine in a pile, watching for dropped socks, not for noodles.

And now there are SOGGY NOODLES all across a basket of clothes. Which I need to pick out. One at a time.

But, remember, I only had a few more minutes to get ready for work, so I went upstairs to take a shower and Paul was like, “Hey, you left your windows open.”

Was it raining? It was.

Oh, come on, life.

I kind of feel like resigning myself. This is my life now. Desolatioooooooooooonnnn!!
Well. I guess this my life now.

But, I also know that desolation is just a season (what up SAINT IGNATIUS FOURTEEN POINTS OF DISCERNMENT!!11!).



And did I take a photo?

Of course not. Who takes a photo of gummy noodles? šŸ™‚

Not all is lost, though. I’m going to link up with The Fike Life with this bad boy!

(P.S. Please, please, sun. I’m still waiting for you…don’t let a sister down.)

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