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A fluffy post

Oh hai!

I feel like I’ve been living in a cave of cold-congestion…but today, because God is good and my immune system decided enough was enough, I feel like I emerged from the cave into the bright, blinking sunlight. And hello, hello, for I missed it out here.

Selfie @ work. Eat them greens!
Selfie @ work. Eat them greens!

I was literally like, “Where has my motivation to do things besides sleep with my fuzzy blanket go?”

But, this morning I sang songs and danced around the breakfast table until my mom (bless her) threw some shade in my game because apparently Pharell Williams speaks the language of fun-and-happy but not of logic. Whatever.

You can’t stop me.

So today I’m planning dinner parties for friends I haven’t seen in too long and blessing Hall’s cough drops.

Those things are tasty.

I also word-vomited all over my brother and Colleen and Kathryn and they were all like, “We don’t agree, but we’ll still talk to you” which is why (1) they’re my friends and (2) I don’t post everything on the blog.

What else? Oh, everything and nothing all in one package. Because Jesus (my friend, not the Son-of-God) is awsm, he sent me this link and please check it out–it will not disappoint.

And in today’s reading, David’s dying advice to his son was literally, “Take courage and be a man,” which, for some reason, tickled my funny bone.

“Be a man!”


And do you know about today’s feast day? It’s of a Japanese seminarian, crucified because of his faith. Apparently he was forced to walk six hundred miles first, and he preached as he walked and sang as he approached the hill of crucifixion.

Honestly, some people win all the prizes.

ALSO. One more thing. Today is the day I take charge of my destiny and make steps in the direction of creativity and goal-accomplishing as I start carving out writing time. Pray for me, hold me accountable. I’m an adult and I can do this.

Hopefully we’ll have a play by May.

Why is that my new goal?

Because IT RHYMES.


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