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4 simple ways to spread holiday cheer and merriment!

I learn from the best.

I’ve been doing my thing this Christmas season, and some old friends have shown up for the Advent party.

How ADVENTtageous.

I’ll be here all night.

Anyway, here are four simple ways to spread Christmas cheer, as promoted by mis amigos.

Paul. In the forest section of Sears. Contemplating seasonal merriment.
Paul. In the forest section of Sears. Contemplating seasonal merriment.

1. By singing loud for all to hear

Picture this: I’m in Paul’s car, driving to stores, listening to Canadian radio (because we can) and I start singing a Christmas carol.

And he counters with another before yelling, “Wait! This one!”

And he begins singing the instrumental opening of “Canon in D.”

We’ve all heard this song, but does anyone know the lyrics off-hand?

I sure don’t.

So instead, I winged it in a fake falsetto. I just threw words together.

This night
We pray
our lives
May show
His life
His love

And Paul chimed in his falsetto:

On this night, on this night, on this very Christmas night

And it was so beautiful (cough) we decided to call our other two brothers and sing it to them.

Which we did.

And then we hung up.

But not before we yelled, “YOU’RE WELCOME.”

Crank callin’ with Christmas carols. It’s what we do.
2. Mini snowmen

This guy greeted me as I walked to my office. And then from my office. And then to my office. And again and again the cycle repeats itself.

Matt had stopped by and built said-snowman because he is done with classes.

One of the taxi drivers who hangs out on the street stopped me later, “Hey! I saw you and that guy build that snowman. Why did you build it?”

And I said, “For fun! We built it for fun. Merry Christmas.”

And then he smiled and we laughed together.

Neighborhood outreach services, ya'll. Taking food/ socks/ stuff to those who don't make it to warming shelters.
Neighborhood outreach services, ya’ll. Taking food/ socks/ stuff to those who don’t make it to warming shelters.

3. Tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy

I was out on the street with these friends, giving food to those in need.

I had just given away some lovely pumpkin cookies to an older gentleman who accepted them shyly, and then told us he needed the underwear and socks and sandwich we had, too. Then, another man came up to say he had been shot again here and another time right here (previously, don’t worry, there were only scars remaining) and could we spare a dollar for some cigarettes?

I said we didn’t have money (we don’t carry cash), but I had sandwiches and blankets and socks and underwear and pumpkin cookies if he needed any of that.

But, he was frustrated with this answer and communicated that in my direction.

I listened and then felt a gentle touch on my arm, and I turned and the initial, older gentleman was there. He had brown eyes, but have you ever seen an elderly person whose brown eyes have started to turn blue? That’s what his eyes looked like.

And he said comfortingly, “Don’t worry, everything’s going to be OK.”

And then he winked at me, grandpa-style.

Now, even though I was dealing with a frustrated/ challenging man with a history of being shot, waiting at a bus station in the urban center of a violent city, it’s not like I was scared from the get-go. I was just dealing with a situation. It’s my city, yo.

But, to be reminded by someone with a gentle touch and a soft wink really touched my heart.

Maybe, sometimes, you just need a gentle reminder that it’s all going to be OK.

Josh and Julia. I took this because they kind of look like an old married couple, don't they?
Josh and Julia. I took this because they kind of look like an old married couple, don’t they?

4. Julia

Julia stopped by to help me craft.

And when she saw me she did a happy-dance which involved signature sliding of the feet—back and forth and back and forth and then we talked crafts and techniques and all was good in the world.

I told her that my hairdresser and I were talking about Christmas presents and I was a leetle bit behind on my crafting.

My hairdresser was like, “I was going to make crafts but realized it was going to take too much time so I was like, ‘Hugs and handshakes. Hugs and handshakes’.”

I told this to Julia and she laughed and told me she had made her own Christmas gifting list, and when she completed it she realized that most of the people she had just put down for “lovin’” anyway.

Christmas lovin’.

Go spread some cheer, ya’ll.

I recommend cheer via tunes, snowmen, encouragement or lovin’.

But, hey, you’re a creative person and I know you can think of your own versions too.

The important thing isn’t how Christmas season love is accomplished but, rather, that it is accomplished.

Come on, Baby Jesus!

We’re waiting for you!

Maff and snowperson!
Smiles from Matt and snowperson!

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