This is my Camino. Welcome.

General things about my life, just in case you needed to know

I have determined to share exactly ten things about my life with you. Because, hey, what’s a blog without goals. Oh, and I care about you as a reader. Maybe I could one day do a “ask Nell” thing. But, probs the only person to ask would be my mom. And the only question would be, “Why haven’t you finished the pomegranates yet?” and the answer to that is “I’ve been kind of busy and haven’t got around to BAKING.”

So, now I guess there’s no need for those questions.

ANYWAY. Ten things.

First and foremost, remember those trees that Frank broke? Some of them apparently lived and grew new leaves and survived a lovely winter and are now turning colors.

Also: I SAW SNOW TODAY. Gross.

My “to-do” list for the week literally involved me transplanting my gorgeous, gorgeous basil for a more suitable indoor location for the winter. I fear it may be too late, though.

Point numero dos: I went and saw baby Julia run a marathon on Sunday. But, I failed and never saw her because I had to go to circus class. But, I did see other people running and I literally teared up a few times. Especially for the runner with cerebral palsy. You, sir, have my utmost respect and admiration. You know who else wins those things? The people wheeling themselves with their arms on low-riding bikes since they didn’t have use of their legs. And the people crying. And the people trucking like champions. And the old Asian man who was probably in his eighties. And the cancer-scarf-wearing woman walking arms-linked with her friends. And every single person who passed.

Joshy had some Camino signs made. They were super cute, but I don't think Julia even saw them. :)
Joshy had some Camino signs made. They were super cute, but I don’t think Julia even saw them. πŸ™‚

Point 3. I got my hair did. It’s kind of like a rockstar-pixie-pirate. At least, that’s how I’ve been describing it. You’ll see pics soon, I’m sure.

Oh, and John from mass told me he didn’t recognize me at first, but then that I reminded him of Maria from Sound of Music which was the cutest thing and I loved it!

Point 4. If I could go on an adventure with my five favorite literary characters I would pick the following:
First: Water Rat from Wind in the Willows. I feel like he’s such a good and kind friend.
Next: Maybe Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables. She’s got spunk, even when things go wrong. I appreciate that.
Then: One of the Pevensie brothers from the Chronicles of Narnia. Not sure which one. I like their sense of nobility and adventure. Peter has those leadership/ wolf-killing skillz, but Edmund knows what it’s like to be redeemed, so it’s kind of hard to choose.
Also Samwise Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings, even though I’m not super into the Lord of the Rings. He’s just a good guy, plus good for adventure, plus he can help me make snacks. Po-ta-toes ain’t got no gluten, bro.
Since I didn’t pick a fifth, I guess I’ll take both Pevensie brothers. Until further notice.

I'd adventure with me. And Hanna. And mayyybe Christine.
I’d adventure with me. And Hanna. And mayyybe Christine.

Point 5: Speaking of adventures: fall Saturday morning and Detroit and hiking and photos and snacks and hot drinks, anyone? How does no one else think this sounds fabulous?

You know what else people don’t appreciate enough? My desire to do circus-acrobatics-yoga with them. By “people” I mean “my family.”

You’d think EVERYONE would want more circus in their life.

Point 6: I have this not-fleshed-out-yet idea of trying to get women together to chat and visit and connect. I talked it over with my sister and she agrees. We just haven’t fleshed it out. πŸ™‚

7. I know you’re all dying to know about my play so you can come and see it and stuff. Well, I read through it over the weekend with Kathryn. 53 minutes. Whew! And then I read Ender’s Game, which I didn’t like, and it revealed to me the utmost importance of character growth and development so now I feel like I need to start over and really work with all of these characters in my play and, once again, I’m more terrified to do that in case it doesn’t work out.

8. Another wedding this weekend! I’m excited for this one, too. Friends and dancing and testimony to love!

9. Point NINE is that you should start praying your novena for All Souls day TODAY. Want to know one of my favorite wedding-touches? At Dave-and-Esther’s wedding, before the vows, we prayed the Litany of the Saints…asking the holy men and women to pray for us and them before this stage in their life. It was mad-awesome. (Do you like how that’s point NINE? Get it? Novena? Nine? πŸ™‚ ).

10. I tried to take a picture of Kiwi for you. But, in true Kiwi-form, she was too wiggly.



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