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Five Wedding Shower pointers from the Flower Girl

I feel like I could have earned the girl scout badge for wedding-participation this weekend. Shower on Friday, wedding stuff day on Saturday, another shower on Sunday. That’s three couples/ three weddings…one weekend!

Me, SIL Esther, and Christine doing our thang at the Sunday-shower.
Me, SIL Esther, and Christine doing our thang at the Sunday-shower.

Now, I attend the wedding showers with my dear sister Christine. In true form, we usually attend and then chat out our favorite parts.

On Sunday our HANDS DOWN favorite part was that, by a stroke of fortune, we ended up at the table with the flower girls. Good golly. Home-girls know how to wedding-shower. I picked up some tips to share with you. Enjoy.

1. The sugar packets can be used on everything
And I mean everything. Pour them in your water. Dress your fried mushroom. Douse your chicken Parmesan. No use showing up to a party if you’re not ready to, well, party.

2. Use ingenuity when things don’t go according to plan
The groom’s mother had baked some lovely cookies for the favors and they were wrapped in a tricky way so that the tape didn’t show…but they were hard to open.

Christine handed me hers, “Here, figure out how to open this.”

As I was working on it, flower girl chimed in, “I just used my teeth. See this one? *points to a particular tooth* It’s real strong.”

3. Try at least one of everything–even if it’s new
Because if all else fails you can fall back on tip # 1.

4. Give it your all

Names and faces blurred cause, hey, it's the internet.
Names and faces blurred cause, hey, it’s the internet.

At the table there were sheets we were supposed to fill out as a game of sorts, seeing how much information we knew about the bride and groom.

Flower girl helped out her competition (namely me) by pointing out the information she knew (“His first job was at Big Boy”).

But then, when that knowledge ran dry, she just used the questions as a base-board for personal reflection. (“Well, I don’t know what her favorite Disney movie is…but mine is Herbie. It’s about a car…number 53”)

5. Take advantage of the dessert table
This closes me out with a classic quote of that afternoon. There were chocolate-covered strawberries decked to impersonate the bride and groom. Home-girl realized this and pointed it out to me. Then she began to nibble the chocolate-“tux” off of the berry. About half-way through she stopped, smiled, and said, “He’s gettin’ naked.”

Family-friendly bridal strawberry. Let's keep it clean!
Family-friendly bridal strawberry. Let’s keep it clean!

That, my friends, is why you buddy system with the flower girl.
Trip # 2 or 3 to the dessert table. Party hard.
Trip # 2 or 3 to the dessert table for my little friend. But, who’s keeping score? Party hard.

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