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Seven Quick Takes–a mid-August edition!

Dewd. So, I wrote this but then was out too late fulfilling social obligations to post in a timely matter. Whatever. It’s Friday. La la la.

— 1 —

Yesterday we had a lovely gathering for people who walked the Camino with us…both this past summer and the past time around. Bob provided a lovely reflection, Joe massaged feet, everyone else laughed, ate, shared, prayed and stayed well past sunset.

There was a part when we were supposed to be praying with our eyes closed when instead I opened them and stared at all of these fantastic, amazing, incredible people surrounding me. How the heck did we all end up together, I wonder? I know their faces, I know their stories, I know the weird circumstances that caused our paths to cross. And now we’re travelers together from a deep, sacred place.

As Kathryn would say, “This is madness.”

Apparently I didn't do a good job announcing "and now it's picture time." My bad.
Apparently I didn’t do a good job announcing “and now it’s picture time.” My bad.

There was wine and sparkling water and watermelon and pork because: Camino.

— 2 —

mumAnd there was cake, provided by a gorgeous Diana.

But point number two is that my mother, bless her heart, was on the computer yesterday morning and she said to me, “Where are those Mozzarella Fire-people?”

Can you guess for what she was searching?

I’ll give you a one-word hint: browser. 🙂

— 3 —

Things I’m working on/ excited about: A PROGRESSIVE DINNER ON BIKES. Guys, this is going to be fun, fun, fun! Here’s a leetle bit of information on it.

Here’s the skinny: local food, biking with friends, having a good time. If you love bikes and friends you should totally come out.


Because it will be super fun times.

— 4 —

There’s probably a lesson in here somewhere, but I can’t find it. Here’s the story: I have several office-plants.

They go through various levels of stress when I move them, but mainly they hang in there as I try to ascertain their love languages.

I think that I royally jacked one when I put it in the sun.

“Look at this sunshine!” I thought, “You’re going to love this, plant!”

But I think this was not a full-sunshine plant and, when I returned from Espana, one of its vines was all dried up. I didn’t cut it right away, though (don’t ask me why) and when I tried to pull it off this week, I noticed that there was a brand new beebee leaf growing out of the total wreckage.

Little leaf! Hope!
Little leaf! Hope!


— 5 —

Even though you haven’t been asking, I’ve been reading so much internet this week. Here are the two of my favorite finds:

  • Hyperbole and Half’s stories of her childhood. Fish story and Party story are both excellent for the lolz. Oh my gosh. Please comment on which one made you laugh harder. Please.
  • Camp Patton simultaneously makes me laugh and terrifies me of the hurricane that most title “childbirth/rearing.” Again, oh my gosh. (Also, just to reveal a little more of my inward crazy: I admire women who marry doctors because they are that much closer to being Anne Shirley than I am. Cheers.)

— 6 —

Dude. So, much internet has been bemoaning being single and going to weddings, weddings, weddings. Guess what?!? I have a wedding shower tonight, wedding-stuff-making times on Saturday, and another wedding on Sunday! Weddings are devouring my life OM NOM NOM.

But, guess what? I’M JUST HAPPY FOR THESE PEOPLE. Like, you found TRUE LOVE! Good for you! Heck yeah I’ll put on a fancy dress and eat Taco Bell and boogie down. Congratulations!

Although my budget is eying me warily right about now. Plus I’m exhausted. Ha!

— 7 —

I don’t have one. Here’s a list of things, and maybe one will suffice:

  • It’s bed time
  • I’ve decided that I appreciate Friday wedding showers
  • TGIF!

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