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Birthday-party weekend!

Christine and Paul and the birthday banner and our piggy Kiwi.
Christine and Paul and the birthday banner and our piggy Kiwi.

How exciting. I’m blogging. That’s what I do, mate, TALK ABOUT MY LIFE.

This is the season of the birthday in my family. This week my sister-in-law, sister, and brother all celebrated the beginning of another year. Next week my cousin and father will do the same. A week or so after that and my cousin and I plan on blowing out our own candles (who knows if I’ll get a gluten-free cake, though! 😉 ).

So, these weeks are weeks of celebration, color, and family. “Celebration” for the twins meant a weekend involving Thai food, movies, a birthday party, a St. Patrick’s Day parade, presents, and parties. It’s how we roll, man.

I accompanied them on some adventures (namely Thai and birthday party), sat out on others (I traded “parade” for “circus class”), but I had to take pictures to chronicle. Oh yes. This one to our left shows the twins with their famous birthday-banner.

And then I saw this guy at the airport too briefly:


He called me on Friday and left a voicemail. I was terrified he was going to ask if I read the “Story of a Soul” yet (my New Year’s assignment), and I hadn’t, but really he was just saying that he was going to have a layover at the airport. So we partied for a few minutes before he had to leave.

And, speaking of parties, we had a birthday party the next day at my aunt’s house for Esther (my SIL), Christine and Paul, and mi padre. Click on any of the circle-photos to view a gallery.

And then I left that party and scooted across town for this party:

I’ll give you a second to absorb all of this cute. The guy on the far left in the Chucks is Alexander, he invited me to come and dance with him and his grandmother’s friends at his grandmother’s 90th birthday party.

Yes, you read correctly. You may now die of cute as well.

His grandmother is the woman in the hot pink sweater. Sadly, she was in a wheelchair because she had an accident involving her hip. But! Her eyes and her arms still danced to the music.

The woman dancing with Alexander was named “Ann,” and she was ready to party! She danced with me, too, and told me all about how she used to dance and how her oldest brother was the “smoothest dancer in town”. 🙂

The other couple dancing was lovely, too. Apparently Alexander’s grandmother set them up fourteen years ago at a ballroom dance.

You may now die of more cute.

Aaaaaah!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

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