This is my Camino. Welcome.

My sibs wake up early for me

Christine drivin', Josh joshin', me in the back takin' pics.
Christine drivin’, Josh joshin’, me in the back takin’ pics.

My car is generally pretty reliable, which is a grace. It’s also super comfortable, which is awesome for car trips.

But, last week my heat kicked out, which was challenging.

My dad had Friday off, so I took his car to work and he told me he’d take my car into the shop. Thing is, it was a snowy day on Friday and the mechanic didn’t make it in until later. Usually the mechanic fixes my car within a day, but because of the delay, he couldn’t.

I understand.

But, said-mechanic doesn’t work on the weekends…and I needed to go to work on Monday.

My family is pretty generous about sharing vehicles, but we’re already down one car since my youngest brother’s car died a tragic death a few weeks back.

I mentioned that I had to go to work on Monday: 8:30-4:30. My youngest brother had class from 11-5 at the University a few miles from my work…only he didn’t have a car, either.

So my SISTER, who has a car but no Monday classes, said she would drive us. And, she did. They all woke up early, like me, drove to the city and stayed all day.

Man oh man. So kind.

Josh did declare he deserved a tax write-off, though, for carpooling. 🙂

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