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Crafting Challenge 2013: For Miss April


The second person who responded to the Crafting Challenge invitation is a sweet friend named April. April is talented and genuine and a joy to be around. We’re friends from the church-circle. I thought it was fitting that her gift would be sent in February, a month in which we celebrate love. You see, April was recently engaged to be married. (Woo hoo!! :D)

I wanted to make her something that would commemorate this special time in her life; but I also wanted something that would be functional as she moves into the new role of “wife” with a new home and responsibilities.


Enter this bowl. Isn’t it cute? I love the unique design and I decided to personalize it with a special glass-pen. So I gathered my supplies and drew a few sketches of which design I thought would be best.


The design selected in the end was a tree made of swirls and doodles, and I included a heart “carved” in the tree with their initials. Aww.

My mom suggested including the little verse “Happily Ever After,” that story-book favorite, as a wish for April’s happy future.


The plate needed to be baked for several hours in order to lock the ink and make it dishwasher-safe.

Luckily, most of my family was gone…the house smelled like baking ink for those hours! 🙂


So, here you see that there are actually TWO bowls: one is for my mom. She got to make a special-request…because she’s my mom.

Detailing on my mom's plate.
Detailing on my mom’s bowl.
And then it was to the store for some Valentine’s candies!

Then the plate was wrapped with great care…and with instructions for the plate’s well-being (i.e. wash with a soft cloth or in the dishwasher).

My mom agreed to be put on delivery-duty. I printed a map and we were in business. My mom delivered it yesterday. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day, April!


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