2016 Resolutions

1. I want to use up most if not all of my gift cards.
They hang heavy over my head otherwise.
I don’t use them because gifts make me uncomfortable.
So, yeah…anyone want to go out to dinner? 😀

2. Bird watch. At least once.
Sign up for my AARP membership next year.

3. Stargaze. At least once.
I love using my star-chart!
Did you know that I took a college course in astronomy? I did. Higher learning, people.
4. Host a formal dinner with all the stops.
RSVP cards! Place settings! A million courses! Candles! Flowers!
The one catch? I want it all to be gluten-free/ meat-free…just like me.

5. Make more music.
I’m terrified of this one. Hold me to it. Invite me to sing in public at masses and stuff. I don’t do it because I’m not good enough, but I also never practice. Vicious cycle.
Also, yo yo yo, I have other plans, but I need to flesh them out, first.


If you email me your address, though, I will send you a postcard in cursive. This will help me practice.
Sorry I didn’t do this sooner.

7. Run head-long into God’s mercy.
It is the year of mercy, after all.

8. (Maybe do some funky theater?)
(I want to).
(Tell me you want it, too).

9. Fly kites. At least once. ❤
This was one of my favorite childhood activities. I want to do it again.

10. Go to Poland. And Mexico.

11. Host a Lenten retreat.

Holler at your girl if you’d like to be on that committee.

12. Sew
Including but not limited to:
(1) A hat for my friend’s kid
(2) A skirt with box pleats

13. 54-day rosary novena

Go big or go home.

13. Start an Etsy shop?!?!?!

Equally terrified. Those in the know–give me knowledge.

Just kidding. I have no heart.

15. Really, really pursue Detroit more courageously
I am taking steps. Pray for me.

8 mile

I’m serious this time. First lesson starting: tomorrow.
(But, for real. Saturday lessons).

Just like dis. Obvi.
Just like dis. Obvi.

17. Maybe be in a circus showcase?!?!?
Don’t know.

18. Host a triathlon for my hood-rat friends. And complete it. 🙂

19. Learn a whole heck of a lot about Joy.


That’s what I’ve got. What about you?! Any plans? 😀 Fail to plan, plan to fail, guys. Here’s to 2016!!

5 thoughts on “2016 Resolutions

Add yours

  1. 1. Yes
    2. I can help with that.
    3. I want to DO THAT. I can check out a major telescope FROM THE LIBRARY HERE!
    5. Yes
    5.5 Yes
    6. You can always hand deliver it to me.
    8. Yes
    11. As far as I am able, I’m in.
    12. And teach friends how.
    14. This is the worst thing that I have every heard come out of your beautiful and sweet heart. Take it back immediately.
    15. How can I help?

  2. In today’s local newspaper, there was an article about people on a nature walk and bird watching at a local park’s wooded nature area. I’m not sure how often they do that, but maybe that would help satisfy your goal.

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