Epic (gluten-free!) Brownies

These brownies! These are the ones that change my life, OK? Maybe not. But, real talk, baking sans-gluten is this battle I'm kind of apprehensive to fight. For one, most gluten-free baking recipes call for multiple kinds of flour and a magical substance known as "xanthan gum" which, when I checked at the grocery store,... Continue Reading →

Tabbouleh-pasta salad (gluten free!)

Things that have happened this past year, medically speaking: I'm now gluten-free I'm now meat-free So, yeah. That'll change your life a little bit. I think there's a level of spirituality behind these menu-options. But, I won't go into that now. I also think there's a level of spirituality behind well-made food that nourishes people... Continue Reading →

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