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What I Wore Wednesday

So I was driving to work-y stuff today, though Detroit, and I came across this dewd strutting proudly across the street like he didn’t give a good American darn.

When he got to the Boulevard and the light turned red and there was no one behind me I snatched this photo.


DETROIT IS SO COOL!! I have a lot of love for this broken place. A lot. Pheasants are a portion of that love. Yes, pheasants. They’ve moved back into the not-so-inhabited places, and you can catch glimpses of them in some of the worn neighborhoods. Whenever I see one, I feel like I’ve just won a prize…and then I turn to tell someone, but I’ve never had anyone in my car when I’ve seen them.

So, you and these photos will have to do.

Here, here's more of the neighborhood, just in case you didn't believe me. But only a little bit more. Stop and admire the guy for a second--such colors and tail feathers!
Here, here’s more of the neighborhood, just in case you didn’t believe me. But only a little bit more. Stop and admire the guy for a second–such colors and tail feathers!

I made more things I didn’t tell you about, like the skirt I’m wearing right now.

A new fabric warehouse opened up near my house. They sell the ends of bolts of fabric for reduced prices. I picked up this knit a few weeks ago. At first I was “meh” on the color, a blend of yellow and navy and grey, but then I was like, “Wait. All of those colors are my favorite colors” so then I bought not-enough yardage and came back later and spent the better part of a night sewing a layered skirt (really on the layered skirt train right now) with roomy pockets THE NIGHT before I flew out-of-town for a weekend. What I’m saying is: I can’t say that I endorse last minute sewing projects…but, it is kind of the life I lead.

You need to know your motivators, I guess.

There are clearer, less back-lit, more flattering images on the internet. But! The skirt! I present.
There are clearer, less back-lit, more flattering images on the internet. But! The skirt! I present.

Oh, and every person I ran into today made some comment about St. Patrick’s day and my green sweater. Which is funny because I thought I was being super emo and understated today. One day let’s make tea and talk about my APPARENT LACK OF SELF-AWARENESS.

And at that tea part we can also talk about headscarves because, are you on board yet? Why not? Do you need some inspirational tutorials or what? How can I help you get on my level? Because I am there and a huge, huge fan.

Finally, do you want to see something kewl? Paulsies has been tapping for maple syrup, and now we’re in the process of boiling down the liquid gold in the infamous 1:40 ratio. We might get 1/3 cup, if we’re lucky. 😉

Makeshift syrup the garage.
Makeshift syrup hut…in the garage.

Here’s something to think about: that fancy maple syrup you bought at Costco? How was it made? Was it perhaps boiled down in someone’s garage? Maybe. Maybe you’ll never know.

So, next time you buy maple syrup, maybe you can print off this picture and tape it on the bottle to remind you of the process of American ingenuity and tradition.

Pheasants, skirts, and maple syrup. I feel like we’ve explored enough variety for one day. So, with that: keep it real, ya’ll.

(And keep praying!! Doozy week CONTINUES.)

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  1. Alright, I am IN LOVE with your blog, Danielle!! It’s like sitting down with you and just chatting!! Feeling warm and cozy. 🙂 Your blog is like COMFORT FOOD for the soul!! 🙂

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