This is my Camino. Welcome.



But, this morning, today,
I’d ask that you refresh your mindset
Remind yourself of this:
That Jesus Christ wills for your good,
Your well-being,
He desires a beloved wholeness for you,
His friend.

Otherwise it’s too easy
For your mind
To be sucked into different places
Where you face the future with
Fear and apprehension,
I know, I know,
Trust me, my mind goes there, too.

And that’s why it’s important
To step back
And re-orientate
In the arms of someone who would do anything
For the child He loves.

And so, remember this, again:
He loves you
–plans beautiful plans for you
–wants to see you in healthy places
–desires to pour grace on challenging situations
–yearns to give you abundant life.

Life-giving Water is his
Self-appointed term.
Come, we thirsty,
Drink and be


This is one of my favorite, favorite images from the Detroit Institute of the Arts.
One of my favorite images from the Detroit Institute of the Arts collection.

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