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Catching up

People have been like, “So, what’ve you been up to?” and I’m just like, “geez, I don’t even know.”

But! I do have some photographs, photographs of stufffff. And I can fill you in on my family and the like.

Like, not last Friday but the Friday before I was in a little improv comedy performance. Was it funny? I don’t really know. But, I had fun. I usually do with these people.

Getting pumped beforehand.
Getting pumped beforehand.

We played several games throughout the night (a one hour set!); improv is fun and silly but also tough, because there isn’t really a way to practice what will happen. You never know what your audience will say, how they’ll react, what your other actors will do, so, it keeps you on your toes!

My sister, Christine, doesn’t really enjoy improv, but, she’s one of our strongest performers, so I usually ask her to come out anyway, and she’ll usually support. It’s funny because she’s great at things that I’m terrible at acting–and, though, the opposite is true, too. I can perform in pieces that overwhelm her.

We drove out together, her sitting next to me in gold leggings and a tutu.

“Sometimes I look at myself,” she said to me, caught in construction, “and I think ‘what am I doing with my life right now?’ But, you know what? I’m not nervous or anything. I’m resigned.”

Twinz on stage.
Twinz on stage.

Everyone did well, though. 🙂 I was proud of them. And I laughed, even if no one else did! My highlights were: the aliens on the cruise ship (“How do you keep the feathers on your swimsuit?” “Mostly glue, but also…molasses”) and the Irish drinking song about a pet flamingo. Ha! Oh! And when someone thought I was Topher’s twin. Nope! But, thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks.

And then this weekend, we went to see Paul’s gf in a play on Friday. And, on Saturday, we got the guinea pigs blessed at church for the feast of my homeboy St. Francis of Assisi.

Wasn't going to include this photo, but Paul's "I just woke up" face persuaded me.
Wasn’t going to include this photo, but Paul’s “I just woke up” face persuaded me.

Christine and I were the ones who took the piggies to church. Or, rather, the spot of lawn just off of the parking lot. The grass was full of people and pets and the priest was walking around, sprinkling all of them with holy water and distributing blessings. There were little families full of kids and the family-pets and the old ladies with their old-lady dogs (how? how do they all end up with old-lady dogs? is it a conspiracy?) and the dogs are all excited because: “Yay! Other dogs! Other people!” And the cats are all like, “Get me out of here NOW RIGHT NOW oh, look, I’m going to bolt into those bushes…wait, never mind, curses upon this stupid leash.”

The piggies were blessed and we walked back to the car and Christine chuckled and said, “Oh, being Catholic” because, let’s just pray about all the things and make it into a day of celebration. Why not?

I know you wanted to see them with the (new! baby!) priest too, right?
I know you wanted to see them with the (new! baby!) priest too, right?

So THEN we had a SOCCER TOURNAMENT because Christine signed us up. Two games, yo.

Josh wore short shorts i.e. CHRISTINE'S SHORTS because he couldn't find his own.
Josh wore short shorts i.e. CHRISTINE’S SHORTS because he couldn’t find his own.

Here’s something about fall: in the pictures you’re like, “Wow, what a beautiful, sunny day. How crisp the air doth appear! How fresh and clear is the atmosphere!”

But, it’s a lie because actually it’s really cold and probably with frigid wind and maybe even a touch of damp and all you’re thinking is, “Shoot, I forgot how susceptible my fingers are to not-warm situations.”

So, that was the weather even though these pics look nice-ish.

Lee (center), for instance, had the sniffles. And Josh didn't take that hoodie off all game long.
Lee (center), for instance, had the sniffles. And Josh didn’t take that hoodie off all game long.

We won the first game. The second game we were tied (I think?) and then one went in (my fault? I was on defense. I’m going to pretend it wasn’t my fault since 1. I tried my best and 2. it’s a team game, ya’ll. Think of all the other people that ball passed) so we weren’t tied anymore, rather, we were one behind, and Christine said through gritted teeth, “Get off the field.”

So, I was like, “My work here is done as I’m not good at soccer. But, I don’t really mind. I can be the worst at something and it doesn’t even impact me, really.”

But, then Christine was later like, “I sent you off because it was about to get real and I knew you wouldn’t know what to do if a fight broke out.”

And, like, maybe I would, if that ever happened, but I’m cool with it never happening and the “how good would you be in a fistfight?” mystery be one that is never solved.

Anyway. In the end they lost by one point, so we won one game and lost the other and lived to tell the story.

Dang, those are some good looking guys surrounding that one girl!
Dang, those are some good looking guys surrounding that one girl!

And then I made snacks and so the kitchen was nice and warm and we all piled in and played board games. So: that was Saturday.

That and I went to the fabric store and touched all the things (adulthood: not without perks) and bought stuff and now I’m making projeeeeects so, it was nice knowing you but maybe I’ll be busy for the next few days having creative fun.

Pictionary. It's a game about picking...your nose. It's Paul's turn right here. JK. It's about drawing and my team did SO WELL but we didn't roll the right amount so in the end the BAD GUYS won.
Pictionary. It’s a game about picking…your nose. It’s Paul’s turn right here. JK. It’s about drawing and my team did SO WELL but we didn’t roll the right amount so in the end the BAD GUYS won.

So, yeah, life recap right there. What’ve you been up ta?

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